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Pharmacy Law
by Angelini Lucarelli Law Firm

Pharmacy & Pharmacists, the world of pharmacy and legal health

Pharmacy & Pharmacists, the world of pharmacy and health in a legal key, managed byAngelini Lucarelli Law Firm, with the lawyer Aldo Lucarelli for years in the sector with experience of assistance and consultancy to organizations and companies, and judicial activities of an administrative and civil nature before the Tar Courts and the Council of State.

Analysis of the competitions, from the extraordinary one of 2012 now in the final phase, to the ordinary one. Study, analysis and perspectives of the legislation, application and interpretation of the Calls, interpellations and rankings.

The events of the association of pharmacists, from birth, to dissolution up to the hypothesis of responsibility in the management of relations between Associate Referents and simple candidates.

Partnership between pharmacists, proprietary companies and relations with the pharmacy by non-pharmacist members . 

Application and interpretation of the code of ethics, internal pharmacy issues, relations between the owner and the director.

Aspects related to the opinions of the professional associations of reference.

Farma & Legge collects the best experiences in the field to offer legal assistance to the Pharmacy, to bankruptcy profiles, to legal problems inherent to municipal organic plants and to the world of pharmaceuticals, quickly and at low costs, all through tailor-made Studies and Opinions. , upon request also online . 

Legal assistance is also provided for all those events that occur due to the inertia of the Public Administration, and / or for the activity of competitors, or even for the management of contracts and the Company relations of thePharmaceutical world, Medical and not only . 

Today the reality is multifaceted, assistance cannot cover only a single area of law, but must be horizontal and connected to all those collateral issues that make up the multifaceted world of the Pharmacist and the user. The Firm therefore offers assistance but also collaboration in the field, in association with other professionals in the sector and on request.

Drafting of Contracts, Shareholders' Agreements,Society of Pharmacists,Review of Organic Plants, Advice on Legal Pharmaceuticals, as well as assistance for Competitions and Rankings, and so on, alongside those who approach this world, or those who have been practicing their profession for years. Submit your case.

by Avv. Aldo Lucarelli dello Studio Legale Angelini Lucarelli studio with experience since the 90s.

Discover also the multidisciplinary website m with thematic articles and pharmaceutical law section on: "" ._ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ 



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