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 Pharmaceutical Law - Pharmacies in Italy

Pharmaceutical Law
Farmacia Diritto edited by Studio Legale Angelini Lucarelli -

Pharmacy world in Italy, how the pharmacy as medicines' shop is organized and how the pharmacists have to face the daily legal stuff.


Pharmacy in Italy is struggling new fight after decades of steady, nowadays after the Extraordinary 2011 Concourse, not completed yet, and the corporate reform in 2017, new organization is coming,in accordance with the company law and financial aid made by stakeholders not pharmacists.


Moreover the Regional legislation and local problems has a huge impact in the compliance, even if the core legislation is represented by the National Law.


Today it is possible to invest money in a Pharmacy also for non-pharmacists, with only a limit of 20% of the owners for a single Region.


Our mission is to support pharmacists and companies in Pharmacy Law compliance.


Legal advisory for single pharmacists and companies.


Contact us for any queries, or visit our site for news and resolved cases.


Lawyers don't really “solve” cases, but they often “resolve” cases.


Angelini Lucarelli Law Firm

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Legal Advice for the Pharmacy Sector

As a key part of our commitment to the healthcare and pharmaceutical & life sciences sectors, we provide a specific range of legal services to the pharmacy sector.


Legal Advise for private and public entities for pharmaceutical and regulatory compliance.

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